Key Event Details/重要信息

When/日期: 11th of Dec (Saturday)/12月11日 周六

Start time/开始时间: 9:30am GMT/北京时间早上9点30

Where to meet/集合地点: Taikoo Hui OT2/太古汇2座大堂外

Route/徒步路线: Please refer to the map/请参考地图

Duration/预计时常: approximately 12hrs for 50K walks/ 徒步50公里的总花费时常在12个小时左右

Registration/注册截止日期:Closed on 1st Dec/ 12月1日截止

Fund raising channel/捐助渠道:

Top Tips:
1. Wear old comfortable shoes for the walking, don’t wear new shoes
2. Trail walk 10-20km non-stop before actual walk – stop walking 3 days before to allow your body rest
3. Prepare your feet (compede plasters for where you may blister, talcum powder, tape toes, wear double layers socks)
4. Take Vaseline & wet wipes
5. Don’t have a heavy breakfast on the morning of the walk
6. Hydrate – Sip water every 5mins during the walk
7. Keep yourself energised with light food such as Banana’s and oatmeal bars
8. Stretch every 10kms – have a light jog for 100 metres to switch up leg muscles
9. Find a good set of walking partners on the day with same pace as you
10. Have fun and stay positive
2.步行前10-20km不间断步行 – 前3天停止步行,让身体休息
6.水合物 – 徒步的时候每5分钟喝一口水
8.每10公里伸展一次 – 轻轻跑动100米以改变腿部肌肉