This is Why We Walk

Nothing More Fulfilling Than Putting Smiles On These Faces

The 4th School InFusion100 helped to build in Ndiankha Youssoupha, Senegal in Aug 2018 is now completed (news from BuildOn on 6th Mar 2019). 115 students (56 boys and 59 girls) will soon be attending classes this year!! More children from the near by villages will benefit from this school at each year going forward!!

No More Overcrowded Stable-like Temp Classroom

The two exsiting permanent classrooms in the villege got way overcrowded. Students had to be placed into FOUR additional temporary stable-like classrooms.

No More 3km Walk Each Way To School

The next nearest proper school is a 3 km walk from the village. 

School Build

From nothing, ground up to a School

Day 0

Digging The Foundations

Day 4

Hand Held Tractors

Day 30

More Building

Day 90

Keep Building...

Day 150

Almost There...


The local community contributed land, local materials and more than 2,934 volunteer work days.

Women served side-by-side with men on the worksite, an especially important achievement in Senegal, where women are often denied the same opportunities as men

Funds for the 4th School were raised in the 100k events arrange between Jun 2017 to Jun 2018.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for those who participanted the walk, raised funds and made donations.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for sponsors listed below who supported the walk and/or the build.


Your Potential, Realized.

Wilosopy is a core sponsor of InFusion100.

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More than a GYM

Located at heart of CBD Guangzhou China

Love Bay Cafe

Fusion Vegetarian

Located at heart of CBD Guangzhou China

Another Day, another 100km making it the 10th in 5 years. We have walked 1000km, built 4 schools and created a movement where people come together to make the world a better place. So proud of InFusion100 and everything we have achieved. Thank you all so much.

Linoy Kidd / Khady

Founder of InFusion100

Building another school is just the end of another series of wonderful and painful walks, but more importantly it’s the beginning of Children realizing their potential. So proud of everyone that walked, contributed and supported us to build this latest school.

Will Sung / Abdou

Committee of InFusion100, Founder and Principal Coach of Wilosophy

There are millions way to devote some of your free time and resources to try to help other who maybe underprivileged. I am so so happi that I picked one, and just keep doing it for last 4 years. Nothing can beat those smiles on the children’s faces after the school we built for them is completed. Thank you for all the support!

Martin Fan / Modou

Committee of InFusion100

One week of school-building in Ndianlha Youssoupha Senegal is a life change experience for me. It’s one of my precious memory, and I will not forget my African name – Youssouf

Hunter Qiu / Youssouf

Committee of InFusion100

Since we started this in 2014, we have built 4 schools and are now educating over 2,000 children! Please like, share, comment or donate, whatever you fancy! Thank you for your ongoing support!

Paul Winick / Mamath

Committee of InFusion100, COO of The Meadow Group